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Pashto, also known as Pushto or Pakhto, is a prominent Indo-European language spoken primarily in the rugged and mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is the native tongue of the Pashtun people, one of the largest ethnic groups in these countries, and holds significant cultural and historical importance. Pashto is written in a modified Arabic script and is classified as an Eastern Iranian language, making it a member of the broader Indo-Iranian language family.

Pashto’s rich linguistic heritage is a testament to the region’s diverse history and interactions with various cultures over the centuries. It has absorbed elements from Persian, Arabic, and Turkic languages, resulting in a unique linguistic blend. Pashto boasts a vibrant oral tradition, with a rich heritage of poetry, storytelling, and folk music. This language has played a crucial role in preserving the cultural identity of the Pashtun people and continues to be a symbol of their resilience and unity in the face of geopolitical challenges and cultural changes. In recent years, efforts to promote the study and preservation of Pashto have grown, ensuring its continued vitality in the modern world.

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