Lezgian Language – 303

Lezgian is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken primarily in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, and in parts of Azerbaijan. It is one of the many languages in the highly diverse linguistic landscape of the Caucasus region. Lezgian is known for its complex phonological and grammatical systems, which include numerous consonants and a rich array of noun cases that indicate various grammatical relations and spatial orientations.

The Lezgian language uses a Cyrillic script in Russia, which was adopted during the Soviet era, while in Azerbaijan, it is sometimes written using a Latin script. Efforts to preserve and revitalise the Lezgian language include educational programmes, media broadcasts, and literary works in Lezgian. Despite the dominance of Russian and Azerbaijani in the regions where Lezgian is spoken, the language remains a vital part of cultural identity for the Lezgian people, reflecting their history and traditions.

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