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DRI (Deaf Relay Interpreter) language interpreting & translation

A Deaf Relay Interpreter (DRI) is a professional who facilitates communication between a deaf individual and a hearing person who does not understand sign language. They act as a bridge, interpreting spoken language into sign language for the deaf individual and vice versa. Here are some key points about the role of a DRI in the context of the UK:

  1. Role and Responsibilities: A DRI is responsible for accurately and effectively interpreting spoken language into sign language and vice versa. They work in real-time to ensure that communication flows smoothly between the deaf individual and the hearing person.

  2. Qualifications and Training: DRIs typically undergo specialized training in sign language interpretation. They must be proficient in both sign language and the spoken language(s) they are interpreting.

  3. Settings: DRIs work in a variety of settings, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, legal settings, social services, and community environments. They adapt their support to suit the specific requirements of each setting.

  4. Confidentiality and Professionalism: DRIs, like other professionals in the field of interpretation, must adhere to strict codes of conduct, including maintaining confidentiality and respecting the privacy of the individuals they work with.

  5. Continual Professional Development: Staying updated with developments in sign language, communication technology, and best practices is an important aspect of a DRI’s role. This ensures they can provide the highest level of support.

  6. Advocacy: DRIs may also advocate for the needs and rights of deaf individuals, helping them access services, education, and opportunities on an equal basis with others.

  7. Legal Framework: In the UK, there are legal requirements and standards for accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities, including those who are deaf. DRIs play a crucial role in meeting these obligations.

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