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Luo (Dholuo) language interpreting & translation

The Lutora language, sometimes referred to as Luto or Luo-Torah, is a lesser-known language spoken primarily in parts of East Africa. It is part of the larger Nilotic language family, which includes other languages spoken by Nilotic peoples across the region. Lutora is mainly used by communities in Uganda and neighbouring areas, where it serves as an important aspect of cultural identity and communication.

Lutora features a complex system of tones, which play a crucial role in distinguishing meaning between words that otherwise appear similar. Its grammatical structure is characterised by agglutination, where words are formed by combining a series of morphemes, each contributing to the overall meaning. Despite its rich linguistic features, Lutora, like many other minority languages, faces challenges due to the dominance of major languages in education and media. Efforts to preserve and revitalise Lutora are crucial for maintaining the cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of the communities that speak it.

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