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The term “Moldovan language” has historical roots in the Soviet era, when attempts were made to create a distinct linguistic identity for political reasons. However, linguistically, the language spoken in Moldova is identical to Romanian. As per the constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Romanian is recognised as the official language. The use of the Cyrillic script during the Soviet period has been replaced by the Latin alphabet, aligning the writing system with the standard Romanian script. The linguistic and cultural ties between Moldova and Romania are emphasised in language policy, with Romanian being used as the medium of instruction in educational institutions. Bilingualism is common, with many Moldovans proficient in both Romanian and Russian, reflecting the historical influence of the Soviet era.

Moldova’s linguistic and cultural heritage is deeply intertwined with Romanian literature, traditions, and historical narratives. The contributions of Moldovan writers and cultural figures are considered integral to the broader Romanian cultural legacy. Despite historical usage of the term “Moldovan language,” efforts have been made to align language practices in Moldova with international standards, recognising the commonality with Romanian. The country’s educational institutions follow the standard rules and norms of the Romanian language, emphasising the shared linguistic identity. Moldova’s language evolution reflects a shift away from political constructs towards a recognition of its linguistic roots and a celebration of its rich cultural ties with Romania.

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