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Neapolitan language interpreting & translation.

Neapolitan is a Romance language spoken in the southern Italian region of Campania, including Naples and parts of surrounding areas. It is considered a distinct language, although it shares similarities with standard Italian. Neapolitan has a rich linguistic and cultural history, with roots dating back to the mediaeval Kingdom of Naples. Here are some key points about the Neapolitan language:

Linguistic Characteristics:

  • Neapolitan is part of the Southern Italian group of Italo-Dalmatian languages and is closely related to other regional languages like Sicilian and Calabrian. It has influences from Greek, Spanish, and French due to historical interactions.
  • The language has a phonological system that includes vowel reduction and elision, contributing to its distinct sound. Neapolitan grammar shares similarities with Italian but has unique features, such as a simplified system of verb conjugation.

Cultural Significance:

  • Neapolitan has been historically spoken in a region with a rich cultural heritage, including contributions to literature, music, and theatre. It has been used in folk songs, poetry, and theatrical performances, reflecting the vibrant cultural life of Naples.
  • Despite its historical significance, Neapolitan has faced challenges, particularly in the context of standard Italian’s dominance in education and media. Efforts to promote and preserve the language involve cultural initiatives, language advocacy, and educational programmes that aim to transmit Neapolitan to younger generations.
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